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Level up your skills

Our career specific bundles offer material relevant to your job description to help power up your web accessibility knowledge. Gain relevant skills and explore how you can help make the web accessible.


Learn development-specific skills to ensure your website has an accessible foundation and is assistive technology friendly.

  • HTML
  • Semantics
  • Forms
  • ARIA
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Gain skills and strategies to create accessible designs at every step of the design process.

  • Color
  • Typography
  • Contrast
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Build a company culture focused around accessibility and discover the benefits this brings for your team.

  • Legislation
  • Inclusion
  • Business
  • Culture
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Discover how to comply with web accessibility standards while sharing and creating content in digital formats.

  • Images
  • Content
  • Guidelines
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Featured courses

Not sure where to start? Try out one of our individual courses to learn a specific skill, or dive into a full topic bundle to get comprehensive material targeted to your role.

Accessibility Concepts for Designers

  • Color
  • Design
  • Typography

The best time to start implementing accessibility is at the start. Creating accessible designs from the beginning of development will prevent future accessibility issues, save money and time and ensure that your team’s process is as efficient as possible. 

Price $20

Accessibility, Leadership, and Company Culture

  • Business
  • Culture
  • Legislation

Building a company culture focused around accessibility requires buy-in from leadership teams. In order to get that buy in, it is critical for leaders to understand what accessibility is, what laws are related to it, and how it benefits everyone.

Price $20

Sequence & Semantics

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Semantics

Assistive technologies present content in DOM order (the order that it appears in the HTML), so it’s important that the DOM order matches the expected reading order. If they don’t match, the content won’t make sense to people who use assistive technologies.

Price $20

What's inside?

Our courses are designed with everyone in mind. They contain extensive resources and interactive material so you can get the most out of your learning.

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Multiple students?

Web accessibility is a team effort. Get in touch with us to discuss how you can get access to our course catalog for you and your team.

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With Accessible Web’s tools and services, you can stay in control of your website conformance. From guided audits to accessibility monitoring, we’ll help you discover, understand, and resolve web accessibility issues.