Accessibility, Leadership, and Company Culture

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Subjects covered

  • Business
  • Culture
  • Legislation

Course description

Building a company culture focused around accessibility requires buy-in from leadership teams. In order to get that buy in, it is critical for leaders to understand what accessibility is, what laws are related to it, and how it benefits everyone. When integrated into your company’s development and publishing processes, accessibility can be implemented in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

This training module is designed to help company leaders learn how to integrate an accessibility mindset into their organization, start web accessibility initiatives, learn about accessibility focused laws and how to apply accessibility standards.

What’s Inside?

Video Content

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Useful Accessibility Tools

Tools to practice the course concepts

Additional Reading

Resources to continue your learning

Who is this for?

Company Leaders

Change starts with you. This course will educate you on the core concepts of web accessibility and help build your roadmap for building a company culture around it.

Course outline

  1. Building an Accessibility Focused Company Culture
  2. Starting a Web Accessibility Initiative
  3. Laws and Standards
  4. Applying Accessibility Standards