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Subjects covered

  • ARIA
  • Developer
  • HTML
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Semantics

Course description

A UI (User Interface) component can be native or custom. Native HTML elements have pre-associated meaning, structure, and semantics while custom components require additional work in order to communicate the same information. 

This additional work includes proper ARIA roles, properties, and attributes for the functionality being exhibited.

Additionally, labels and instructions must always be related to the corresponding widget(s) so that assistive technology can accurately describe those components to users.

What’s Inside?

Interactive Code

Examples to see the material in action

Additional Reading

Resources to continue your learning

Who is this for?


We will walk you through best practices to ensure the websites and applications you build are accessible to all.


Good design is accessible design. Learn how to incorporate accessibility into every part of your design process.

Accessibility Specialists

Expand your understanding of how to audit/test against WCAG success criteria in practice.

Course outline

  1. Native vs. Custom Widgets, Keyboard Interactions, and ARIA Role Selection
  2. ARIA Roles, States, & Properties
  3. Input Labels, Programmatically Related Instructions, and Required Fields