Landmarks, Links, and Headings

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Subjects covered

  • ARIA
  • HTML

Course description

Landmarks, links, and headings are all incredibly common elements within websites & applications. But when implemented incorrectly, they can cause serious accessibility issues.

Landmarks help assistive technology users to more efficiently navigate through pages. Links bring users to new content but must provide context about the locations they are linked to. Headings provide structure to web pages that help users navigate and understand the content.

This training module is designed to help web page authors learn how to properly implement landmarks, links, and headings in an accessible manner. Prior knowledge/experience with HTML is beneficial for understanding this module’s content.

What’s Inside?

Interactive Code

Examples to see the material in action

Useful Accessibility Tools

Tools to practice the course concepts

Additional Reading

Resources to continue your learning

Video Content

Lesson-specific supplemental videos

Who is this for?


We will walk you through best practices to ensure the websites and applications you build are accessible to all.


Good design is accessible design. Learn how to incorporate accessibility into every part of your design process.

Accessibility Specialists

Expand your understanding of how to audit/test against WCAG success criteria in practice.

Course outline

  1. ARIA Landmark Roles
  2. Accessibility Techniques for ARIA Landmark Roles
  3. Link Accessibility
  4. Links vs. Button Functionality, and Headings