Intro to Accessibility & Assistive Technology

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Subjects covered

  • Guidelines
  • Legislation
  • Myths

Course description

This course is designed to lay the foundation for understanding why accessibility is important. Building an inclusive, accessibility-focused culture requires an understanding of how people with disabilities navigate the world, and how the world views people with disabilities.

Within this course content, you will encounter supplementary materials in the form of videos and additional resources. These materials are provided to give those who are curious more content to explore.

What’s Inside?

Video Content

Lesson-specific supplemental videos

Useful Accessibility Tools

Tools to practice the course concepts

Additional Reading

Resources to continue your learning

Who is this for?


Every member of an organization can play a key role in the success of accessibility efforts.

Course outline

  1. Theoretical Models of Disability
  2. Categories of Disabilities and Associated Barriers
  3. Demographics, Myths, and Misconceptions
  4. Laws, Guidelines, and Etiquette