Accessibility Concepts for Marketing and Content Creators

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Subjects covered

  • Color
  • Content
  • Images
  • Marketing
  • videos

Course description

Web accessibility techniques not only apply to web pages and content, but also to the content you share on social media, in emails and in other digital formats. 

From color contrast to video captions, this module will teach you how to make the content you create and publish accessible.

What’s Inside?

Video Content

Lesson-specific supplemental videos

Useful Accessibility Tools

Tools to practice the course concepts

Additional Reading

Resources to continue your learning

Who is this for?

Digital Marketers

Optimize your marketing strategy by ensuring your content can be accessed by all.

Content Marketing Specialists

Don’t let your work go to waste. Learn the best practices to make sure you don’t create barriers to your content.

Course outline

  1. Color Accessibility
  2. Accessible Text
  3. Image Accessibility
  4. Video and Audio Accessibility